About Lazze

About Lazze

Read his own fascinating story how he started his process to understand the technique behind Metal Shaping.
Lazze as a young boy“Cars and bikes have always fascinated me, playing with Corgi Toys cars, one of them was a 250 GTB Ferrari a green metallic and I still have it :-) I played with the cars on the street at my parents house and it was always a favorite, for some reason Ferrari cars have always get my attention and that started as a kid, I don't know why because nobody told me about Ferrari so I don't know where it came from..................
In an early age I learned that Ferrari was an expensive car and it wasn't for everybody, but I loved the cars and who can say something else? At the age of eight, I saw a Hot Rod for the first time at a car show in the city of Ludvika, Sweden 1967. Since then I have been ‘sold’ on Hot Rods and of course American cars and they was affordable but the Italian Sports cars was a dream!.
As a child I also enjoyed building with Lego blocks, and believe it or not, but already then I decided that when I grown up I will build cars.

About Lazze 2

LAZZE in front of the same car 33 years later, different look but the same car, isn't that something.............. smiley

About Lazze 3

My interest in Hot Rods was growing and when I found a 34 Ford Fordor without frame in Norway at a reasonable price I bought it.
Of course I wanted a 3W coupe, but this was a start.
While doing a job on a 34 Coupe belonging to a friend of mine in Ludvika I started to think about converting the Fordor to a coupe, but how should this be done?
Round shapes everywhere with bead lines and everything, naaa... too difficult to do, with the knowledge I had then.
Here I can explain what happened, our mind thinking in pictures, whatever we do or want, we thinking in pictures, and in this case I had a clear picture in my mind of what I wanted to achieve, and I know now (not in that time) that my mind was connected to my arms and hands and they did the work and created the 3D panels.
When I started thinking on how this had been done I also started thinking about teaching this because I knew it was a lost art in Sweden to begin with.
I had been looking for products to manufacture and sell, like car parts, tools or something and out of coincidence this happened.
In Street Rodder Magazine there was a story about “Street Rod University” and Metal Shaping, Where do you go to learn this?
And I asked myself, where in Sweden was this taught? There was no place to learn how to do sheet metal shaping!
A new business idea was born. After having spent about a year planning and preparing, a few friends were invited to the first training session in the end of 1996, in the same time it was an article in a Swedish magazine about the New Metal Shaping Education that I offered.
After this I started to get calls from people who wanted to learn more about sheet metal shaping. I also went to antique car swap meets and exhibitions in Sweden and Norway. People in general were hesitant in the beginning, but the interest increased with time.
Rumor spread from participants in the training that this was a good method, and surveys done after all training seminars showed that the participants were very satisfied and they're still very satisfied and of course I have learned so much more in those 20 years of teaching Hands on classes. Today, after 20 years, I have trained more than 2200 students from all over Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Venezuela, Qatar and many different states here in USA.
Lazze has also been on American Hotrod TV sent on Discovery channel when Boyd Coddington sent two of his guys up to Lazze's class, Lazze has also been a Swedish TV three times
After 20 years of teaching Hands on classes it's time to do something more with my knowledge and that is to use my knowledge to create Unique Art that is Car related, One of a kind ART.

"In the Memory of the past, saved for the future ART " signed By Lazze

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