Ferrari 250 GTO Model 1963

Ferrari 250 GTO Model 1963

A piece of Art, a piece of the racing history!

In a very rare limited edition, only two more, # 2 and # 3 will be made of the most beautiful and most famous car in the world, The Ferrari 250 GTO Model from 1963 !

Lazze have hand made this from 1,5 mm (.63) 3003 aluminum, this have been a almost 3 year long  project and over 40 years of practicing metal shaping have been summed up in a piece of Art.

The body hangs out from the wall free flowing, no support down to the floor of the cart.

The cart has caster wheels on it and can be easy moved around in a persons car collection or in to a large living room for display, it's a beauty to look at and it's hard to stop watching it!


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