1932 Ford Roadster Bar

It looks like a Barn find 1932 Ford Roadster and it's made in to a Bar in form of half the car rolling on the right wheels, it has motor in it so it looks authentic when you open the hood, because behind the 1/2 motor it's a polished stainless steel plate so it reflects the half motor and what you see is a an illusion, you see the whole motor.
Behind the trunk lid on the wall it's also a polished stainless steel plate so you can see the full width of the car. It's an all steel body, steel frame rail, everything is authentic painted patina, I-beam in the front, 46 hydraulic brakes, steel rims and white walls. Original head light, Pontiac tail light.

On top of the bar desk it's a clear plastic sheet, under that it's old Hotrod magazines and decals, the roof can be adjusted up and down for easier transportation and on the edge of the roof it's Led lights all the way on the inside of the edge that lights up the bar desk.

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